20 August

Quavering Tongues – Teangannan air Crith

Dedicated to the area around our home in Knockvologan on the southwest tip of Mull, Quavering Tongues explores this natural environment as a culture-generating mesh of entanglements.

Through use of multiple disciplines and sensory techniques, we carefully tune into the delicate intricacies of land, sea and their inhabitants both past and present. In doing so, we try to reveal hidden motives that inspire speculative scenarios for a future where we acknowledge the complex and symbiotic relationships that exist between the natural world and us.

An Tobar | Tobermory | Mull


10 March

John James Wild Seminar

Online Sci-Art panel about Algae as a precious material moderated by Prof Juliet Brodie from the Natural History Museum. With presentations by Anna Dumitriu, Alice Sharp (Invisible Dust), Jessica Gianotti (Crubag), Samuel Iliffe (Atelier Luma / Royal Academy of Arts) and Hugh Turvey (x-rayartist).

The event is organised by Sams | Oban | Scotland


16 November

Translating and transposing seaweed

Online talk about The Seaweed Collector’s Handbook for the series Seaweed: Stories from the Intertidal Zone initiated by photographer and filmmaker Julia Parks.


01 December

Magical Octopus

Online Magical Riso expert meeting – launch of the collaborative book Magical Octopus 

Van Eyck | Maastricht

1-4 december

20 November

Who Inhabits the Wild – Pedestrians, Dreamers, the Lucky Ones?

On line Lecture during European Literature Days – More Wilderness!

With Fabio Andina from Lugano, me from Isle of Mull, Scotland and moderator Rosie Goldsmith from London

Booking essential

11:30 (Central European Time)  Klangraum Minoritenkirche | Krems an der Donau | Austria

14 April

Animals & Plants

With Tijs Goldschmidt and Miek Zwamborn, about John Muir, Niko Tinbergen and D. Hillenius.

Rode Bioscoop | Amsterdam

21 January

Knockvologan Studies

Lecture and tutorials (together with Rutger Emmelkamp)

The Glasgow School of Art | Glasgow


09 November

Poetry in Aldeburgh festival

11:30 TIME SONG: SEARCHING FOR DOGGERLAND. Lecture together with Julia Blackburn.

Jubilee Hall | Aldeburgh

14:00 THE SEA. THE SEA, THE SEAAAAAA, Dutch poetry on the shore, a walking and writing experience with Dutch Poets Hagar Peeters and Miek Zwamborn.

Why does the sea so appeal to the imagination? Hagar Peeters and Miek Zwamborn will perform and analyse poetry about the sea written from two opposite North Sea coastlines.

The Lookout | Aldeburgh


04 October

Chasa Jaura

Lecture and performance based on my novel De duimsprong with Chasper Pult.

Chasa Jaura | Valchava | Val Müstair | Swiss

31 August

Knockvologan Observatory

Installation, lectures and guided walks during Into the great wide open festival

with Rutger Emmelkamp

Kampweg 1 | 8899 BX | Vlieland

22 July

A tourist in turbulent times

Stuart Cameron, author of A History of the Ross of Mull and John Keats in Mull, will talk about the poet’s walk across Mull in July 1818 – with readings from his lively letters and (of course) a few poems.

13 May

Seaweed in Teylers Museum

Booklaunch of Wieren and interview by Alexander Reeuwijk.

Spaarne 16 | 2011 CH | Haarlem

05 May

Here comes the summer

Festival Here comes the summer

Kampweg 1 | 8899 BX | Vlieland

23 February


Launch of Mullings, cd with poets Shirley Blacoe, Derek Crook, Seth Crook, Alexandra James, Jan Sutch Pickard, Janet Schofield, Brian Thomas and Miek Zwamborn reading their own words.

Keel Row | Fionnphort | Ross of Mull

25 January

Salon de Pinto

with Daniël Rovers, Ton Zwerver, Ig Henneman and Ab Baars

St. Antoniesbreestraat 69 | 1011 HB | Amsterdam


20 December


book launch Oology CNP III  sold out

with Hans Mulder, Ylja Nieuwland, Bas Teunis, Jeroen van Westen,  Jan de Hond, Ab Baars and Rutger Emmelkamp

Artis Library | Plantage Middenlaan 45-45A | 1018 DC | Amsterdam

17 December

Meeting the Aleph

with Roos van den Eerenbeemt, Jasper Coppes, Phil Baber and Rosa Johanna

Studio 167 Loods 6 | KNSM-Laan 167 | Amsterdam

16 December

Seaweed-NET book

Launch NETbook Seaweed and NETbook Beer with Aletta de Jong, Miek Zwamborn, Henriëtte Waal and workshop participants/NETbook contributers.

Design​: Dongyoung Lee

Printroom | Schietbaanstraat 17 |  3014 ZV | Rotterdam

28 September

Unsettled Perceptions

Nederlands Film Festival

with Rutger Emmelkamp and Richard van Diessen


01 September

Poetry night

concert of the Scottish Ensemble and Ross of Mull Poets interventions

Bunessan Hall | Isle of Mull | Scotland

22 August

Alpinists e muntagnards. Stein und Sein

Casa d’Angel | Dado Baselgia 116 | CH-7148 Lumbrein | Swiss

21 August

Wir sehen uns am Ende der Welt

Reading from the translation of De duimsprong, with Chasper Pult.

Scuol | Hotel Belvédère | Swiss

26 July

Poetry evening

with Seth Crook and Brian Thomas

Historical Centre | Bunessan | Isle of Mull | Scotland

18 May

Wir sehen uns am Ende der Welt

Stadtbücherei Schlossmühle

Graf-Eberhard-Platz 10 | D-72574 | Bad Urach | Deutschland

02 May

An hour’s walk

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts | Arnhem

20 March

Wir sehen uns am Ende der Welt

Hochalpines Institut Ftan AG
Chalchera 154 | Ftan | Zwitserland

17 March

Wir sehen uns am Ende der Welt

Hotel Waldhaus

Sils-Maria | Swiss


22 November


Magical Riso
Van Eyck | Maastricht

R A W | risoworkshop | Van Eyck Maastricht

R A W | risoworkshop | Van Eyck Maastricht

15 September

Wir sehen uns am Ende der Welt


Am Dorfplatz 1 | Gottlieben | Swiss

12 June

What if a counter proof makes any proof an illusion?

Book Launch with Antje Guenther

see: zie:

TENT | Witte de Withstraat 50 | 3012 BR Rotterdam

28 May

Wir sehen uns am Ende der Welt

Frauenfelder Bücherfest
Museum für Archäologie | Freiestrasse 24 | Frauenfeld | Swiss

26 May

Wir sehen uns am Ende der Welt

Literaturhaus |Deutsche Bibliothek Den Haag
Witte de Withstraat 31-33 | 2518 CP | Den Haag

17 April

Wir sehen uns am Ende der Welt

Theater am Leibnizplatz
Schulstrasse 26 | 29199 | Bremen | Germany

12 April

Sonnenalp Literaturtage

Sport- und Kurhotel Sonnenalp
Sonnenalp 1 | 87527 Ofterschwang | Germany

11 April

Wir sehen uns am Ende der Welt

Literaturhaus München

Reading with actress Wiebke Puls en interview with mountain specialist Dominik Prantl.
Salvatorplatz 1 | 80333 München | Germany

11 March

Open Studio’s Van Eyck

Reading the text I wrote for Antje Guenther, published in her beautiful book What if a counter proof makes any proof an illusion?

Van Eyck | Academieplein 1 | 6211 KM Maastricht

photo Michiel Ferrier

18 January

Sez Ner Trilogy

Lecture about the translation of Sez Ner Trilogy from the swiss writer Arno Camenisch.

Goethe Institut | deSingel | Desguinlei 25 | Antwerpen


01 December

Wir sehen uns am Ende der Welt

Dutch embassy in Berlin

07 November

Multimediafestival BERGBUCHBRIG

Reading from Wir sehen uns am Ende der Welt (De duimsprong translated by door Bettina Bach) during the mountain literature festival BergbuchBrig in Brig, Swiss

04 November

Fact and Fiction

What is the role of fact and fiction in writing on art? What are facts when dealing with art? How can fiction be applied in writing on art? Is there a limit?

KABK | Den Haag

28 October

Fact and fiction I

What is the role of fact and fiction in writing on art? What are facts when dealing with art? How can fiction be applied in writing on art? Is there a limit?

KABK | Den Haag

24 October


talk about art and science with Trudy DeHue and Hanne Hagenaars
Frascatie | Amsterdam

21 June

Tamed Heaven – finissage

Gemeentemuseum | Den Haag

23 March

The End of Sitting 1:1

De Akademie van Kunsten | Looiersgracht 60 | Amsterdam

with Barbara Visser, Thomas A.P. van Leeuwen and RAAAF

21 March

Getemde hemel – opening

Gemeentemuseum | Den Haag

29 January


Perdu | Amsterdam


17 January

opening City Hotels

Arcam | Prins Hendrikkade 600 | 1011 VX Amsterdam


11 December

More than double glazing (vanuit Zwitserland)

met Yeb Wiersma
Het nieuwe instituut | Rotterdam

29 November

The tree circus



27 November

De duimsprong

De halve wereld | Amsterdam

20 November

Selective Memory

Lewis Glucksman Gallery | Cork | Ireland

02 November

Ken je buren

boekhandel De Zondvloed | Mechelen
boekhandel Boekarest | Leuven
met Bernard Dewulf, Ann Meskens, Joke Hermsen, Neske Beks en Els Moors

01 November

Ken je buren

boekhandel Theoria Kortrijk | Kortrijk
met Bernard Dewulf, Ann Meskens, Joke Hermsen, Neske Beks en Els Moors


30 October

Ken je buren

Boekenbeurs | Antwerpen
met Bernard Dewulf, Ann Meskens, K. Schippers, Neske Beks en Els Moors


24 October

Ken je buren

Boekhandel Roelants | Nijmegen
met Bernard Dewulf, Ann Meskens, K. Schippers, Neske Beks en Els Moors


09 October

De duimsprong

Schrijvers in de huiskamer | Lelystad


03 October

Vertalen versus schrijven

NGTV Regionale Kring Den Haag
Commissarissenzaal van het Nutshuis | Den Haag