Oology – CNP III

British Birds’ Nest, How and when to identify them? a 1907 book by the British wildlife photography pioneers Richard and brother Cherry Kearton. It holds the first pictures of birds’ nests in situ. The Keartons made their own photographic hides, some shaped as cows or sheep, others as trees so that the birds were not disturbed in their natural behavior. Some of the black and white photographs are real puzzles because not all birds make exquisite and distinct nests as we know them. In Oology, bookbinder Sandra Merten and and me investigate the mimicry of birds eggs. For this purpose, Merten manufactures authentic Plover Marbled Paper. I will write a poem and describe the process of the ornithologists in a visual essay. Rutger Emmelkamp designs a topographic map of a single egg and Jo Frenken will be responsible for the design of this publication.

This publication is due in May 2017 in an edition of 100 copies.