Mega Improvisation Mix

We will try it again:

5 maart
Museumnacht | TOUCH of PARADISE (i.s.m. Toine Klaassen) | Cucosa | Rotterdam

overview touch of paradise | how to write in a xl bananabox with Toine Klaassen on top of it

mask of paradise

polaroid | shades in grey, prepared polaroid method by Jeroen Huisman

SATURDAY 12 FEBRUARY (16:00 until approx 18:00) I wrote and performed a new piece in the monumental installation Touch of Paradise by Toine Klaassen (owner of the TRAVELING LABORATORY FOR CONTEMPORARY ARCHAEOLOGY).With other special inhabitants:

Frank Berbée DJ PALF² (soundmaster/frequency whisperer/catcher) + guests!!!
Doris Denekamp en Geert van Mil (rats for newspapersakes)
Peik Suyling & guests(If words evaporate, cristallize or condense into flowers)
Gam Bodenhausen + Lin Klaassen (swancatappelpencils)
Dennis Lohuis (master of painted cowskull [school of Holbein])
Bart Groenewegen (BROTHER)
Jeroen Huisman (material situation re-interpretator [prepared polaroid method])
Miek Zwamborn (writer upon cucosian galaxy miracles)
Toine Klaassen (initiator/installation builder/ intermediar)
TOUCH of PARADISE | Cucosa | Rotterdam