Tussen de lijnen in Walden Affairs

In the beginning of 2013, visual artist Ton Zwerver and writer Miek Zwamborn started a research to see how they could create a publication together combining encyclopedic material, fragments of nature, the spacial work of Ton and the writings of Miek. The working period lasted several months, and the process of creation became a reciprocal gesture: sculptures lead to texts that in their turn evoked new objects – and back again. The wish to make a book evolved into a performance/ filmscript.
‘Tussen de lijnen’ consists of a series of actions by Zwerver and Zwamborn around a table, which is filmed from above to offer the viewer a second perspective on the setting. With the objects within reach and waiting to be activated, the performers show them one by one, moving them across the table and using words to build up a narrative.
Balancing on the edge of comprehension, familiarity and estrangement, the elements tell the story of a man and a woman that return to the house where they once lived but haven’t visited for a long time. They talk about what their eyes capture, they walk through the empty rooms and encounter memories. Both are in a state of displacement but manage to get closer through the actions that they perform.